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Dee Day! Winning Coconut Cake Debuts this Weekend

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This weekend, Eatonville Restaurant will serve Decoyise “Dee” Brown’s prize-winning coconut cake from the “Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT!” Coconut Cake Challenge presented by Eatonville Restaurant and “Church Lady Cake Diaries.” To get things rolling, “Dee” joined Eatonville’s Executive Chef Garret Fleming and Pastry Chef Gregoria Contreras this week for a test bake to make sure the cake is, as Chef Fleming says, “up to Dee standards.”

The project took a turn from the original recipe that both chefs and Dee found intriguing (see video).
Part 1

Part 2

Since the contest, Dee was profiled on page 1 of the Washington Post Food section by food writer Bonnie Benwick who also published the recipe and all the pertinent information from the Washington Post’s own test kitchen. Apparently, the fresh coconut cake recipe caught the reading attention of New York Times dining writer Nick Fox; and Dee’s hometown paper, Southern Maryland News, also gave her a feature spot written by Sarah Poynor.

To be continued this weekend at Eatonville Restaurant.

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